The National Institute of Health states that 80% of all medical conditions are caused by stress.

Quantum Biofeedback (QB) is a highly sophisticated, holistic health technology that helps to educate your body in dealing more effectively with the various stressors that may cause blockages or interference in your life.

It is valuable to have a basic understanding that the QB System is Energy Medicine – medicine of the future. Every organ, tissue, and cell in our body, has an electrical charge; you could say that each electrical charge has a mathematical signature to it. Every part of your body even your thoughts and emotions have their own personal signature.

In good health, all the different parts of the body live and work together in harmony. We enjoy a sense of well-being, we have vitality and plenty of energy to accomplish everything we need and want to do – the human body is truly amazing in its abilities.

However, we all have exposure to different kinds of stress – it could be an injury, a virus or bacteria, a problem at work or at home, a catastrophic event in the world, a childhood trauma, fear, worry or simply a life style habit. This internal irritation or excess “noise” throws out our natural rhythm. This is when the body can get confused and go into overload or depletion. The frequency of some of your personal signatures may get scrambled and this stress produces the illnesses, degeneration and chronic discomforts that have ramifications in our lives.

During a Biofeedback session, you remain fully clothed and comfortably seated with sensors lightly attached to the wrists, ankles and forehead. The Indigo Quantum Computer System will then “ask” your energy/electrical body thousands of multi-dimensional questions. These questions include mechanical /physical issues, chemical imbalances and mental/emotional factors.

In less than 4 minutes your body provides feedback signals to the system. This relay occurs at biological speeds, 1/100 of a second. This is at the subconscious level of our awareness, you feel nothing and can just enjoy relaxing.

Then, valuable information for personalized re-training protocols are offered. It can be experienced as a re-patterning of your subtle electrical body. These increased harmonious vibrational frequencies are capable of positively impacting many aspects of your life.

By clearing excess stress (associated with any condition) and stimulating the body’s natural life force we are simply helping the body repair itself.

Basically all healing is self-healing, and that’s great news!

Personally, I use this wonderful technology to improve the quality of my health and encourage peak performance in my life.

Who does not want a sense of alignment, health and well-being in their bodies and lives?

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.
Henry David Thoreau

Disclaimer: The Indigo Quantum Biofeedback device is designed for stress and pain management, relaxation and re-education of muscles. It is not intended for diagnosis. Only a licensed physician can diagnose a patient.