Can you talk yourself into relaxing?

Eve is in her mid-seventies. Her above-average height contributes to an imposing figure, always dressed in a bold colored and well-tailored trouser suit. She exudes a quiet confidence that she doesn’t have to prove to anyone. Her movements are slow and deliberate, her posture burdened by many years with too many responsibilities. However, when she … Continued

Relaxation Tips for Insomnia

I reach out to the bedside table and feel around for my smartphone. I have it on the lowest light setting because I’m aware that blue light on any computer screen can disturb sleep rhythms. I confess that I don’t always remember putting my phone on Airplane mode to cut the EMF (electric & magnetic … Continued

How does your imagination affect your body?

Reading time: under 4 minutes Steve has a mysterious shoulder pain that has persisted for three months. He sees me every fortnight and receives temporary relief from our sessions, but the discomfort always seems to reappear. We are both frustrated with his limited range of motion and overall lack of progress. I have applied every … Continued

A very different kind of hug for Valentine’s

Some of us have been more isolated than others during this crazy Corona-coaster ride. Not having anyone to touch, or share any physical closeness with, may have affected levels of loneliness for some, more acutely than others. Those of us with a spouse, lover, trusted friend, children, parents, grandchildren, or siblings to hold & hug … Continued

Is Your Nervous System Noisy?

Most of us may think of noise as something coming from the outside of our bodies such as traffic, horns hooting, brakes squealing, sirens whining.  Others may consider people’s voices, children squealing, dogs barking or TV sounds constantly in the background as noisy.  Thank heavens most of us do not have to deal with the … Continued

Is meditation for you?

Is meditation for you? I know that for many of you meditation brings forth images of sitting in abnormal positions and concentrating on being calm and relaxed for extended periods of time. That alone can put you off from this practice, which is as ancient as civilization itself and yet has re-emerged in the last … Continued


When I ask clients if they enjoy breathing, they tend to pause and look at me quizzically like I’ve asked a rather dumb question. The usual reply is, “I never really thought about it.” A natural response, as we all tend to take breathing as a given. It just happens, doesn’t it?  We don’t even … Continued

Who Knew?

I have spent the last 35 years of my vocation dedicated to relaxation & balance in mind and body. However, in a way, it almost came as a complete surprise to me to really understand the depth of the power of relaxation as a winning model for us all. This realization first came to me … Continued