How Quantum Biofeedback can help you. Your body is talking – are you ready to listen?

Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.                  – Albert Einstein

I am sitting at my desk, laptop computer open in front of me, and I have just hooked myself up to the Indigo Quantum Biofeedback device with which I will be in deep conversation over the next ninety minutes.

There is always a feeling of anticipation before I give myself a session.  It’s almost exciting.  What information will I be given today?  What secrets will my body reveal to the sophisticated software inside the Indigo device? What kinds of insights will be disclosed during this time?  What changes may I want to make from hearing what my body is saying to me?

I have a band of sensors connecting to the Indigo that are attached to my wrists and ankles and one that wraps around the front of my forehead. These sensors can detect changes in my pulse, skin temperature, muscle tone, and brain-wave patterns.

The ritual of setting up a session follows the same path every time.

First – calibration – an electrical handshake between the Indigo and me, giving a baseline of where my electrical body is that day.

Second – a four-minute question and answer period.  At biological speeds, my body is asked 10,000 energetic questions in the form of frequencies, and the biofeedback loop is my body responding to those questions.

This includes our immune system constantly asking,

“Is this energy like me? = Acceptance and a flow of energy within the self.

“Is this energy not like me? = Attack of self.

I am unaware of this at a conscious level, so for the next four minutes, I hang out in my imagination in one of my happy places – usually at the beach.  I fill in as much sensory detail as possible as I think of the sound of the sea and silent gulls skimming by. The pungent, salty odor of seaweed. The feel of soft, warm sand in between my toes.  The glorious sensation of bodily warmth from a summer sun blazing forth.  I also imagine deer and rabbits running around on my beach, so hey ho, each to their own.

I am now in a much more relaxed state than four minutes ago; therefore, my mind, emotions, and body will be more receptive to receiving harmonizing impulses back from the Indigo.

All of that information is organized within the software, and I receive a visual report on my computer screen of where my energetic imbalances are.  It is the internal “blocks” of energy we run into that can impair our healing, and this is what needs to be cleared.

I like to describe the distinction between harmony and disharmony within the body’s systems as follows:

  1. Fields where there may be too much energy running. You are feeling overloaded or overwhelmed in some way.  Or going too fast inside.  Or trying too hard.
  2. Fields where there is too little energy available. You may be feeling depleted, tired, depressed, anxious or afraid.
  3. Areas of confusion or congestion. Instances where we may have one foot on the brake and another on the accelerator – going nowhere fast.

The ‘Catch and Switch’ is catching us in the negative and changing/switching to the positive.  Awareness heals.  In releasing the old and making room for the new, we directly participate in self-healing.

Then I began to notice that even though we may have many conflicting aspects of our inner and outer lives competing for attention or trying to hide out unnoticed – when we allow those voices to quiet down and focus on the higher frequency energies available to us – then life changes – to the better.

Many biofeedback programs are available to the layperson or trained therapist. Companies are continuing to produce more sophisticated versions that can woo and wow us with their abilities.

To the best of my knowledge, the three main areas in this field are:

  1. Classical Biofeedback requires active breathing methods and regular practice between training sessions. By watching your breathing habits on a computer screen, you will learn techniques to self-regulate.
  2. Neurofeedback reads the electrical signals produced by your brain in real time via EEG. The purpose is to teach self-regulation of sub-conscious brain function over an extended period of time.
  3. Quantum Biofeedback operates on the premise that the body is electrical, is innately intelligent, and can heal itself if the right conditions and stimuli are provided via individualized micro-current frequencies.

Clients find their way into my office for all sorts of reasons:

  • Mike is dissatisfied with his job and desperately wants out. He is super stressed and needs reinforcements on how to manage his family and himself effectively. Regular dialogue with the Biofeedback device shows him where he may be sabotaging his success and where his positive potential lies.
  • Angela’s hair is falling out, and she wants to know how her minerals, vitamins, and overall nutrition may affect her condition. By routinely adjusting her supplements, she learns to understand her body’s stress signals better to be more proactive.
  • Johnathon has debilitating seasonal allergies and wonders if Biofeedback can help. It does.
  • Gloria has anxiety about experiencing panic attacks and needs to learn self-awareness to be more proactive before the episode takes her over. Her conscious and regular practice empowers her to feel more responsible for her responses.
  • Aiden has irritable bowel syndrome and a low-grade depression that seems to follow him like a threatening shadow. As his conflicting emotions and beliefs are revealed via Biofeedback, he can gradually take more control over his body and life.
  • Jim wants to increase his weight and levels of fitness, and physical energy. Biofeedback can enhance peak performance.
  • Tina wants to develop her spiritual life and awareness of where she “leaks” her energy. Relaxing into her authentic self empowers her to act with renewed confidence and lightness.

Simply put, when we can modulate our potent internal energies to be more in alignment with who we really are and want to be, life flows more smoothly, relationships tend to be more harmonious, our bodies are relaxed and healthier, our mind is more precise, and yes, we feel happier!