Your Amazing Heart

“It is the toughest inhabitant in the body, and the most tremulous, the furnace of animal passion and the seat of the most exquisite sensibilities.

It is a dauntless pump that sustains life on a moment-by-moment basis, and a delicately poised seismograph that responds to every fleeting change of mood, every unexpected sound, sight, smell, or touch; quick to take offense or alarm yet capable of profound composure.

What we have shaped in our innocence as a valentine candy, a jewel, a piece of soap, is actually a slimy, throbbing mass of muscle entwined in its own veins and arteries, a tender, fearsome instrument of love and power – the heart!

Despite all the hard scientific knowledge we have accumulated, the heart still retains its mythic, metaphoric role as the bodily center of courage and love.

A living heart is the pulsating energy that is the essence of all life, whether atoms and electrons or two people making love or the whole universe expanding and contracting.  It’s the vital force.  It’s life itself.”

From: The Power to Heal.